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Play Indoors, Feel Like You're Outside — Spacious, Cost-Effective, Versatile

Big Tents And Domes Hercules Truss Arch structures, available from 25' to 200' wide and in any length, are an excellent and affordable choice for indoor tennis facilities. With durable frames manufactured from Allied Gatorshield® structural steel, these buildings offer an exceptionally strong structure that does not require expensive structural beams or vaulted ceilings, unlike traditional metal athletic buildings. Big Tents And Domes frames are made to stand up to a minimum of 90 mph winds and can withstand both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of a minimum of 40 pounds per square foot. The unique engineering of these structures provides exceptional height and clearance. Easily suspend fans, heaters and lighting without worrying about them getting in the way. The lack of interior support columns allows for maximum usable space, making a Big Tents And Domes building perfect for indoor tennis use.

Featuring 12.5 ounce, premium covers that come with a 15 year warranty and are lightweight yet extremely strong, Big Tents And Domes fabric structures let sunlight shine in while also keeping out harmful UV rays. This reduces the need for daytime interior lighting and creates an environment that both tennis players and fans enjoy being in. For further energy efficiency, the reflective and translucent qualities of the covers also help provide indoor temperature stability, keeping the interior warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. While air structures have a continual noise from air blowers, the cover material of Big Tents And Domes structures reduces outside noise and echoing.

The sheer adaptability of Big Tents And Domes buildings makes them ideal for use as indoor tennis arenas. Many sizes and styles are available and most are expandable through the addition of extra rafters. This type of modular construction makes it easy and affordable to upgrade to accommodate additional courts. It is also possible to remove rafters to decrease the size of a building should the need arise. While indoor tennis buildings are intended as permanent structures, they can also be used as temporary buildings — Big Tents And Domes tension fabric buildings can be dismantled and moved if it becomes necessary to relocate.

Big Tents And Domes tension fabric structures give tennis businesses and athletic facilities the opportunity to operate year round, regardless of the climate and outdoor conditions. While they are ideal for use during inclement weather, the indoor environment is also inviting and pleasant on an extremely hot day. Innovation, combined with cutting-edge engineering and adaptability, make Big Tents And Domes fabric structures one of the most affordable and sought after options available for indoor tennis arenas.