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Cost-Effective, Climate Controlled Aquaculture Housing

Big Tents And Domes Hercules Truss Arch structures are a fast, economical solution for enclosed aquafarming. The building's natural ventilation and sunlight cut down on condensation and bacteria, providing a healthy, fresher, cleaner facility — one that provides protection from predators, reduces fish stress, promotes growth and uniform size; while reducing disease and mortality.

These fish hatcheries and farm pond buildings offer a unique design that provides exceptional height and clearance for your cultivation needs. There are no internal columns to interfere with spawning and incubation tanks, rearing and broodstock troughs or raceways. The wide-open, maximum useable space allows for ease of movement. Sound absorbing, fabric covers help minimize noise and keep the work area peaceful. From small to large aquafarms, Shrimp to Tilapia, Trout, Bass, seaweed and more — we have a structure to satisfy your needs.

Designed in conformance with the International Building Code and ASTM-123, Big Tents And Domes's Hercules Truss Arch Allied Gatorshield® structural steel frames are manufactured to stand up to a minimum of 90 mph winds. Engineered to withstand both balanced and unbalanced snow loads of a minimum of 40 lbs. per sq. ft.; these structures are available from 20' wide to 200' wide and any length desired. 12.5 oz. premium covers come with a 15-year warranty. Many options are available, including entry doors, steel roll-up doors and roll-up sides. Custom premium cover colors are also available.

Our white fabric covers reduce the need for daytime artificial lighting. In addition, the translucent and reflective qualities of the cover provide indoor temperature stability — buildings stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. These benefits provide huge energy savings to you.

Rodents and other unwanted pests have no place to hide or nest in a corner-free Big Tents And Domes structure which means you realize increased health benefits and savings in feed, exterminations and repairs.

Low in cost per square foot, with little or no property taxes, minimal foundation requirements, and easy to maintain — Big Tents And Domes buildings retain their value and can be relocated or expanded as your needs grow or change.