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Clearspan structures are the perfect solution for an event that lasts an afternoon or a project that last months. This sleek structure is made of aluminum framework covered with vinyl fabric. The outer vinyl skin is pulled through channels in the framework ensuring a weather-tight seal. It installs quickly, on a variety of surfaces, and is the perfect ultra-strong shelter whenever weather is a concern. Clearspan tents can be set up almost anywhere, including building tops, tennis courts, and gardens.

ClearSpan's white fabric covers reduce the need for artificial lighting, lowering your energy consumption. With abundant daytime lighting that is bright and natural, the interior of a ClearSpan structure is an inviting environment that people, plants and animals thrive in. The cover's translucent and reflective qualities also allow for further energy savings by providing indoor temperature stability. ClearSpan buildings are climate responsive — they stay cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Clearspan Advantages:
Flexible. The perfect structure for any group.
Great for events like:
  • Corporate Events
  • Weddings
  • Sporting Events

Unobstructed interior space.
Block-out fabric is available to provide a dark interior suitable for A/V presentations.
Rafters can accommodate complex lighting and A/V systems.

Weather is no longer a consideration.
Weather-tight seal provides improved heating and air conditioning efficiency.
Withstands high winds, rain and adverse weather conditions.

Intalls almost anywhere.
Over small trees, bushes, fountains, tennis courts, or gardens.
Accommodates a variety of surfaces (asphalt, grass, concrete, etc.)
Alternative methods of anchoring are available - staking, anchoring and/or cement blocks.
Use of "heavy equipment" can usually be avoided.


POLE TENTSPole_tent_page_image

Pole tents are comprised of a vinyl canopy top supported by side and center poles. Ropes keep the canopy taut and are anchored to the ground with stakes.

The two varieties of pole tents available are Traditional pole tents and Genesis pole tents.
The blue striped tent  in the photo is a traditional pole tent whereas the white tent directly behind it is a Genesis tent. Notice the dramatic slopes and elegant profile of the Genesis tent. The use of taller poles and a greater degree of pitch between the center and edges of the canopy create this effect. The greater pole height and pitch also gives a more spacious appearance to the inside of the tent.

Pole tents are available in a variety of sizes and have the option of sidewalls.


FRAME TENTSframe_tent2

A frame tent is comprised of an aluminum pipe structure covered by a vinyl roof canopy. Frame tents do not require a center pole therefore provide the user with an unobstructed interior space. These tents can be anchored with ropes, stakes, or weights, allowing it to be installed on a variety of surfaces including grass, asphalt, or pre-existing floors.

A frame tent is a versatile choice for any event, and can also be used as a walkway cover. Tents are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Sidewalls and dividers are also available.



Domes are portable, sometimes inflated, structures used often for sporting events.  Soccer, Golf, Tennis and multi-sports fields can be set up for year-round play in virtually any climate with the use of a sports dome.  There are certain considerations to make when placing a dome in a northern climate, but they can handle the weight of up to 40'' of snow, making them durable enough for most building codes.